Posted On: Jul 7, 2016

AWS CloudTrail allows you to look up API calls and notable events that contain relevant details such as the user identity and source IP address of the API caller, and the AWS resources impacted by the API call. With the new capability, you can also access the configuration details of impacted resources and history of changes in AWS Config.  

This additional information helps you to correlate resource configuration changes that may have resulted from a corresponding API activity listed in AWS CloudTrail console. For example, you can look up a RunInstance API call, and click on the timeline icon for EC2 instance launched to access the configuration details and changes to the EC2 instance referenced in the API.

To use this feature, AWS CloudTrail customers will need to enable AWS Config to track the configuration of the desired resources. To learn more about how to use AWS Config, visit AWS Config Documentation.

This capability is already enabled for AWS CloudTrail customers who have enabled AWS Config.

To learn more about discovering configuration details of resources referenced in your API calls, visit AWS CloudTrail Documentation.

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