Posted On: Aug 31, 2016

AWS Config now records configuration changes to Application Load Balancers from the Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) service.

AWS Config is a fully managed service that continuously captures changes to the configurations of resources in your AWS account and notifies you when changes are detected. You can use Config Rules to continuously check these resources for compliance with desired configurations you specify.

In addition to capturing configuration details for application load balancers, AWS Config also includes relationships with associated EC2 security groups, VPCs, and subnets. You can use this information for security analysis and troubleshooting. For example, you can check which security groups are associated with your application load balancer at any point in time. Further, you can create Config Rules to evaluate whether your application load balancers are provisioned according to the policies and guidelines you define.

To learn more about this launch, read our documentation and visit the AWS Config Console.