Posted On: Oct 12, 2016

We are excited to announce that Amazon ElastiCache now supports Redis Cluster with Redis 3.2.4. Redis Cluster allows customers to run Redis workloads with up to 3.5TiB of in-memory capacity, supporting up to 20M reads per second and up to 4.5M writes per second. It also delivers up to 4x faster failover times, and includes Amazon’s enhancements to the Redis engine running on ElastiCache for improved stability and robustness, while maintaining compatibility with open-source Redis. Amazon’s fully managed Redis service is bolstered with updated AWS CloudFormation support, an easier-to-use console experience, and Redis Cluster level backup and restore.

Below are the key highlights of the announcement:

  • Enhanced scalability and availability with Redis Cluster: With the launch of support for Redis Cluster on Amazon ElastiCache, customers can now easily run sharded Redis workloads of up to 15 shards, thereby achieving 3.5TiB of in-memory capacity, with up to 20 million reads per second and up to 4.5 million writes per second. Running a sharded cluster also enhances availability by limiting the impact of an individual node failure to a subset of the overall keyspace.
  • Robust Redis experience: This release includes Amazon’s enhancements that provide improved robustness such as 4x reduced-failover times for higher availability, more usable memory and better failover capability, mitigating risk for swap usage during events such as snapshotting and replica synchronization.
  • New capabilities of Redis 3.2: With this launch, customers also benefit from the new enhancements in Redis 3.2, such as Bitfield for a memory-efficient bitmap for large number of small integers, and Geo commands for managing latitude, longitude and radius.
  • Improved Usability: AWS Management Console now provides new workflows for Redis cluster management, simpler terminology and includes multiple other usability improvements. With just a few clicks, customers can create Redis clusters consisting of multiple shards, with each shard having zero or more read replicas. In addition, features from this launch are supported via AWS Cloud Formation.

All these capabilities are available for ElastiCache customers worldwide, across all regions, for no additional charge, and maintain open-source Redis compatibility.

To learn more, please read Jeff Barr’s blog. To get started with just a few clicks, log into the AWS Management Console.