Posted On: Feb 9, 2017

You can now estimate the age range for each face detected in an image with Amazon Rekognition. Along with other facial attributes and features such as gender or emotion, Amazon Rekognition now provides an age range to the facial analysis APIs. You can use this feature to better assess demographics or group your image collection with age ranges.

You can also now view metrics on your use of the Amazon Rekognition API, on the AWS CloudWatch console. Specific metrics published by Amazon Rekognition are SuccessfulRequestCount, UserErrorCount, ServerErrorCount, ThrottledCount, ResponseTime, DetectedFaceCount, and DetectedLabelCount. These metrics can be viewed for each Rekognition operation or as an aggregate for all operations.

Additionally, a ‘Metrics’ page has been added to the Rekognition console to provide you with an overview of your metrics at an aggregate level. You can navigate to the CloudWatch console for additional details.

For more information on estimating age range, visit the details in the Rekognition developer guide. For details on CloudWatch metrics for Amazon Rekognition, visit the service documentation.