Posted On: Apr 5, 2017

We are pleased to announce support for Host-based routing on the Application Load Balancer. Host-based routing allows you to route a request based on host field in the HTTP header. To enable you to route to multiple services or containers using domain and path, we are also increasing the numbers of rules you can create on your Application Load Balancers to 75.

Host-based routing enables you to move more of the routing logic for your applications and websites to the Application Load Balancer. You can now route to multiple domains on a single load balancer by routing each host name to a different set of EC2 instances or containers.

With this release, Content-based routing on the Application Load Balancer now supports both Host- and Path-based rules. You can combine Host-based routing with Path-based routing to create complex rules for routing your client requests to your applications, helping reduce costs and simplifying service discovery.

All Application Load Balancers now support host-based routing and up to 75 rules. Learn more by visiting our website.