Posted On: May 5, 2017

Amazon Chime has added two new capabilities to simplify end user management. First, you can now claim your corporate domain to use with Amazon Chime, which means that any user that signs up for Amazon Chime using an email address in your corporate domain is automatically added to your Amazon Chime account. Second, you can now configure Amazon Chime to use your Microsoft Active Directory (AD) for user management and authentication. This allows you to manage your users individually or in groups, easily assign Amazon Chime subscriptions to specific users or groups in your organization, and to apply the password policies you’ve already set to Amazon Chime. End users don’t need to manually create an Amazon Chime account, and they can log in using their existing corporate credentials.

When you claim your domain, all Amazon Chime users using an email address in your domain become part of your Amazon Chime account. This allows you to manage Amazon Chime users in your organization centrally using the Amazon Chime console. You can assign and change service subscriptions for each user, and suspend users from your account. To claim your domain, your Amazon Chime account will automatically switch from a team account to an enterprise account. With an Amazon Chime team account, you can include users from any email domain; with an enterprise account, you have more control over users and data, and all Amazon Chime users with email addresses in your domain become managed. You can claim your domain by following the steps laid out in Create an Enterprise Account.

To use Microsoft AD with Amazon Chime, you’ll first need to claim your domain. There are two ways you can use Microsoft AD to manage your users. First, you can connect to your on-premises Microsoft AD using the AWS AD Connector. The AD Connector allows you to establish a trusted relationship between your AD and AWS. Second, you can use AWS Microsoft AD, a managed service built on Microsoft AD that runs on AWS. You can use the Amazon Chime console to configure Microsoft AD integration, and to assign Amazon Chime Plus or Pro subscriptions to directory groups. To learn more about configuring Amazon Chime to use AD, please see Add Your Active Directory.

Claim your domain, and the ability to use Microsoft AD with your Amazon Chime account is available for all Amazon Chime customers starting today. There are no charges to use these features, and there is no change to the per user, per month Amazon Chime pricing. Because an Amazon Chime enterprise account will automatically add all users in the domain you claim, you cannot have any users with the free Amazon Chime Basic plan registered with an email address using your domain. For more information, please see Amazon Chime Pricing . The use of AWS Directory Services is not included in Amazon Chime pricing, and may incur additional charges. For more information, please see AWS Directory Services Pricing .

Amazon Chime Pro is free to try for 30 days, with no credit cart required. To get started, visit Download Amazon Chime and download the app.