Posted On: Nov 21, 2017

Today we are releasing AWS Amplify, an Open Source library under Apache 2.0 for developers looking to build cloud connected applications with JavaScript on web or mobile platforms. AWS Amplify is designed to give a declarative interface to client developers looking to perform common actions using cloud services in a scalable and secure manner. These new capabilities allow developers writing JavaScript applications to programmatically apply best practices with common abstractions, ultimately resulting in faster development cycles. Along with the release of AWS Amplify, we are also releasing a comprehensive CLI experience which is fully integrated with AWS Mobile Hub. This CLI experience is designed for developers who are either building applications from scratch or enhancing existing projects with features for the AWS cloud. 

The AWS Amplify library modules are broken down into categories (Auth, Analytics, Storage, APIs, Caching) to quickly add features such as User SignUp/SignIn, MFA, tracking or metric analytics, content management or Serverless API integration. The library also has internationalization and localization for multi-language support, as well as caching capabilities. Finally, there are components and extensions for React and React Native, allowing developers writing applications on those platforms to add these capabilities with framework specific standards. JavaScript developers can also use the library to build their own custom UI components, such as custom authentication flows. AWS Amplify is designed to be extended with different implementations among community and partner contributors. 

Click here to read more about the release or go to the GitHub repo:

AWS Mobile Hub enables you to select the region in which your project's resources will be created. For more information about AWS regions, see Regions and Endpoints.