Posted On: Feb 13, 2018

AWS AppSync Preview introduces new GraphQL features to enhance application development and removes the whitelist-only access to use the service. 

Customers can now auto-generate GraphQL schema and resolvers from an existing Amazon DynamoDB table without any coding. You can immediately perform queries and mutations using the generated API endpoint and configure it to use GraphQL subscriptions for realtime data. Support for GraphQL Unions and Interfaces have also been added to AppSync, as well as a “Local Resolver” which allows you to publish subscriptions without mutating data. 

Additional features in this release include: 1) the ability to access request headers, including custom headers, in a GraphQL resolver; 2) helper functions for resolvers such as timestamp generation, DynamoDB mappers, and S3 Link; 3) CloudTrail support. 

Finally, an Android GraphQL SDK has been released with support for offline queries and mutations. Read more about these features in the release blog here

AWS AppSync Preview is currently available in the Virginia, Ohio, and Portland regions.