Posted On: Mar 28, 2018

Now, AWS Security Token Service (STS) enables you to have longer federated access to your AWS resources by increasing the maximum CLI/API session duration to up to 12 hours for an IAM role.

With the increased duration of federated access, your applications and federated users can complete longer running workloads in the AWS cloud using a single session. You can easily extend the maximum session duration for an IAM role to up to 12 hours using the IAM console or CLI. This capability saves developer time and effort required to incorporate session refresh code in their implementation. Once you increase the maximum session duration, users and applications assuming the IAM role can request temporary, short-term credentials that expire when the IAM role session expires.

This new feature is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS) is available. To learn more about configuring longer session durations for your IAM roles, see Modifying a Role