Posted On: Jul 17, 2018

AWS Amplify JavaScript library announced support for Ionic 4, the upcoming version of Ionic Framework. Mobile developers can now quickly add cloud functionality into their Ionic 4 apps using AWS Amplify's UI components, and utilize an extensive collection of features including authorization, user storage, analytics, and chatbots.

Ionic is an opensource app platform which enables developers to build cross-platform applications with web technologies. AWS Amplify can now utilize Ionic's UI components to construct the user interface, saving significant time and effort when building cloud-powered mobile apps.

AWS Amplify also announced a new modular import feature which helps developers to optimize the bundle size of their applications and the increase runtime performance.

Developers can now import AWS Amplify's feature categories separately, rather than including the whole library. Partial import prevents unnecessary code dependencies are included with the app, and thus decreases the bundle size and enables adding new functionality without the risk of introducing errors related to the unused code.