Posted On: Aug 16, 2018

AWS Device Farm now let’s you customize your test execution environment to match your specific needs. You can now specify the dependencies your project needs and the exact commands to be run during test execution, to ensure your tests run precisely like they do in your local environment. Device Farm is also introducing live log and video streaming to provide you instant feedback on your tests.

AWS Device Farm is an app testing service that lets you run automated tests and interact with your Android, iOS, and web apps on many real devices at once. Up until now, Device Farm provided a standard test environment to run your automated tests. This removed the complexity associated with setting up an execution environment. Starting today, you can customize this environment - through a configuration file - to meet your specific requirements. Device Farm now provides a default configuration file for each testing framework supported. You can customize any step in the test process through this file or simply use the default configuration file. Here are some examples of what information your configuration file can include:

• Commands you want to be executed before each test
• Commands that should be used by Device Farm to execute your test
• Location for where your test artifacts and custom reports should be stored

With this launch, Device Farm will also start supporting full feature set of supported frameworks. To learn more about this feature, visit here.

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