Posted On: Nov 13, 2018

Starting today, you can access detailed information regarding your budgets’ performance from the recently-introduced budget detail pages within AWS Budgets. Using the new budgets history functionality, you can easily analyze your budget’s performance over the past 12 months by comparing your budgeted amount to your actuals (i.e., your budget variance). This allows you to identify which areas of your business have under- or over-performed based on their budgets, making it easy to adjust your forecasts to improve the accuracy of your budgets or perform further analysis using AWS Cost Explorer. For example, you can track the actual monthly spend for your ‘Game Development Team’ account relative to their monthly budget over the last 12 months and take action based on your findings. Please note that budgets history information can also be accessed programmatically via the AWS Budgets API.

AWS Budgets gives you the ability to set budgets at an aggregate level (e.g., your total monthly costs) or at a granular level of detail (e.g., your Amazon EC2 resource costs tagged as project: secretProject for a set of linked accounts) and receive alerts when your budget threshold is exceeded.

To learn more about AWS Budgets, please access the AWS Budgets webpage or refer to the Managing your Costs with Budgets user guide. To access information about your budget performance, please navigate to AWS Budgets and access the budget details page for one your active budgets.