Posted On: Jan 10, 2019

You can now run Appium tests written in Ruby or Node.js against your native, hybrid and browser-based apps on AWS Device Farm. Device Farm supports tests written in any JavaScript and Ruby frameworks such as Mocha and RSpec. You can also specify the dependencies your project needs and the exact commands to be run during test execution, to ensure your tests run precisely like they do in your local environment.

AWS Device Farm is an app testing service that lets you run automated tests and interact with your Android, iOS, and web apps on real devices. Device Farm supports running automated tests written in most of the popular test frameworks including Espresso, XCTest, Appium Python and Appium Java. Starting today, you can use Device Farm to execute your tests written in Appium Node.js and Appium Ruby against real devices. You can customize any step in the test process using these frameworks through a simple configuration file.

To learn more about how to use Appium Node.js for Android AWS Device Farm please review our documentation.

For more information on AWS Device Farm please visit our product page