Posted On: Mar 15, 2019

AWS IoT Greengrass now offers a new connector for AWS IoT Analytics and supports AWS CloudFormation templates. Now, you can quickly set up connections between your IoT Greengrass cores and AWS IoT Analytics for analysis of complex IoT data, and you can streamline IoT Greengrass deployments for one or more accounts using familiar CloudFormation templates.

The new IoT Analytics connector can be installed via either the API or console. You can configure the maximum memory footprint and data retention behavior of the connector, and after deployment the connector will consume data via a defined MQTT topic and transmit them to IoT Analytics immediately or in batches. You can get started with this connector by visiting the AWS IoT Greengrass Developer Guide.

IoT Greengrass resource types (groups, cores, devices, functions, subscriptions, and connectors) are now supported in CloudFormation. Now you can write CloudFormation templates that automate setup and configuration for your IoT Greengrass deployments. Getting started is easy - you can build a new template from scratch in CloudFormation or start from an example template available via the IoT Greengrass documentation.

IoT Greengrass devices are now fully integrated with AWS IoT Fleet Indexing, an IoT Device Management service that enables customers to index and search for their devices based on device attributes or state in the cloud. IoT Greengrass devices establish at least one connection where the ClientID is the same as the device's Thing Name, so customers can use device connectivity indexing to quickly discover which IoT Greengrass devices are currently connected or disconnected to AWS IoT.

These features are available to all customers in all regions where IoT Greengrass is available. For more information about IoT Greengrass, visit