Posted On: Jun 18, 2019

Bluetooth Low Energy support in Amazon FreeRTOS and a new MQTT library are now generally available in Amazon FreeRTOS 201906.00 Major. You can securely connect Amazon FreeRTOS devices using Bluetooth Low Energy to AWS IoT via Android and iOS devices, and use the new MQTT library to create applications that are independent of the connectivity protocol, such as Bluetooth Low Energy or Wi-Fi.  

Bluetooth Low Energy support in Amazon FreeRTOS enables you to use the Generic Access Profile (GAP) and Generic Attributes (GATT) profile through a standardized API layer to create applications that are portable across Amazon FreeRTOS-qualified devices, and use companion Android/iOS SDKs to integrate with AWS IoT functionality. You can also update your devices remotely by using over-the-air (OTA) updates over Bluetooth Low Energy.

The new MQTT library provides an abstraction layer that makes it easier for you to use MQTT independent of the underlying connectivity protocol. This enables you to create applications that uses both Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi at runtime (e.g., Bluetooth Low Energy for sensor data and Wi-Fi for OTA) without having to modify the MQTT library.

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