Posted On: Jul 12, 2019

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) capability enables developers to playback their ingested video streams using the industry-standard, HTTP-based media streaming protocol.

As devices stream their video into Kinesis Video Streams, developers can use the fully-managed DASH capability to playback live and recorded video from their streams. Developers can now also stream, store, and process H.265 video for playback and Machine Leaning based processing. 

The DASH-based playback capability is fully managed, so you do not have to build any cloud-based infrastructure or software to playback the media captured by Amazon Kinesis Video streams. You can simply create a streaming session using the new APIs and leverage webplayers such as VideoJS or GoogleShaka player, modern web browsers, or video players for mobile platforms such as Android (Exoplayer) and iOS (AVMediaPlayer), that are compatible with the fragmented MP4 (FMP4) format.

H.265 video offers superior compression over H.264 encoded video allowing developers to deliver high quality video at lower bitrates. Developers can stream and store H.265 video generated by compatible edge devices into Kinesis Video streams and then process it for generating machine learning based insights or playback the video using Amazon Kinesis Video Streams’ HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) or DASH capabilities.

To learn more, please refer to the developer documentation.

Refer to the AWS global region table for Amazon Kinesis Video Streams availability.