Posted On: Oct 7, 2019

Today, Amazon Pinpoint added support for enhanced message templates. You can create templates for email messages, push notifications, and SMS messages for all of your Amazon Pinpoint projects. Message templates help you design, manage, and reuse your messaging content in an easy and effective manner.

When you create a message template, you specify the content that you want to reuse in various components of messages that are based on the template. This content can be static text or personalized content that you define by using the Handlebars template system and message variables. For push notifications, a template can also contain channel-specific settings, including sounds and icons. When you create a message that’s based on a template, Amazon Pinpoint populates the message with the contents and settings in the template.

You can create and manage templates by using either the Amazon Pinpoint APIs or the web-based console. For more information about using message templates, see Message Templates in the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.