Posted On: Nov 25, 2019

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) now supports IPv6 traffic over Inter-Region VPC Peering. With this launch, your resources in different AWS regions, can communicate with each other using IPv6 addresses without requiring gateways, VPN connections, or separate physical hardware. Inter-Region VPC Peering encrypts inter-region traffic with no single point of failure or bandwidth bottleneck. Traffic using Inter-Region VPC Peering always stays on the AWS global network and never traverses the public internet. 

To get started, you need to setup an inter-region VPC Peering connection between two dual stack VPCs in different AWS Regions and add routes pointing to the V6 CIDRs of the peered VPCs. Resources in these VPCs can then communicate with each other using IPv6 addresses.  

Data sent over Inter-Region VPC Peering connections is charged at the standard inter-region data transfer rates.

For more information, see the documentation on Amazon VPC peering.