Posted On: Jun 17, 2020

Amazon Lex now supports a built-in search intent making it easier to query an Amazon Kendra index. Previously, you had to write Lambda function code and configure it in Amazon Lex bot to extract information from Amazon Kendra. Starting today, you can add a search intent to your Amazon Lex bot to get the answers you’re looking for, whether that is an FAQ, an answer in a document, or a link to an entire document. You configure the AMAZON.KendraSearchIntent with the index details and the answers are surfaced as request attributes in the Lex response. The integration is simplified so you can deliver natural language answers from Amazon Kendra seamlessly in your Amazon Lex conversations. 

The search intent is available today in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon) and EU West (Ireland) AWS Regions. To get started, please see documentation