Posted On: Aug 24, 2020

Distributor, a capability of AWS Systems Manager, allows you to select from available popular third-party agents to install and manage on your instances. With this launch, you can select to install the pre-built Dynatrace OneAgent directly from Distributor without having to create or maintain any software packages. AWS will continue to seek opportunities to offer many other popular security and monitoring agents.  

With Distributor, your software packages are stored in Systems Manager, providing a centralized repository with version control. The Dynatrace OneAgent is now available along with third-party and AWS agents that are already available by default. You can use Distributor to easily and securely install or update any of these available agents on your instances or create your own software packages to distribute. 

This feature is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Systems Manager is offered. Distributor is offered with pay-per-use pricing. See the AWS Systems Manager pricing page for details. Distribution of AWS and third-party owned agents is offered at no additional charge.