Posted On: Sep 30, 2020

Today, AWS Marketplace announced that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can now use the self-service AWS Marketplace Management Portal to authorize their preferred consulting partners to resell their software to AWS Marketplace buyers. This launch enables ISVs and consulting partners to work together more efficiently to create a Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO), which allows customers to purchase software solutions in AWS Marketplace directly from consulting partners. ISVs and consulting partners can simplify their operations and accelerate deliver to their customers.

ISVs can authorize consulting partners directly from the “Partners” tab in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal by creating a resell Opportunity. With this feature, ISVs can quickly grant permission to consulting partners they select to sell their products. ISVs can now view all consulting partners they have authorized to resell. They can extend discounts for consulting partners, which include the selection of products authorized for resale and the timeframe of the authorization. ISVs can also manage existing authorizations and take bulk actions to update multiple consulting partner authorizations at once.  

At launch, any registered AWS Marketplace ISV can create a resell Opportunity.  

To learn more about how to become a registered AWS Marketplace ISV or consulting partner, and how to simplify reseller authorizations with Opportunities, please review the AWS Marketplace Seller Guide documentation.