Posted On: Sep 4, 2020

Today, AWS X-Ray is launching the Java auto-instrumentation agent, enabling customers to collect trace data without having to modify existing Java-based applications. With the launch of the auto-instrumentation agent, you can trace Java web-and servlet-based applications with minimal configuration change and no code change.  

The agent enables you to automatically collect trace data for Java applications, such as web applications built with Spring Boot, and servlet-based microservices. It captures all downstream requests made with Apache HTTP clients, AWS SDK clients, and JDBC-based SQL clients. The agent also works automatically in multi-threaded applications, without the need to adjust instrumentation on new threads. Using the trace data, you can analyze your Java-based distributed applications and better understand how underlying services are performing, to help identify and troubleshoot the root causes of performance issues and errors.  

Download the agent from the AWS X-Ray Java auto-instrumentation agent GitHub repository, and learn about the new features and getting started steps in Auto-Instrumentation Agent for Java.