Posted On: Oct 16, 2020

You can now use AWS Launch Wizard to deploy and configure AWS Backint Agent, an SAP-certified backup and restore application for SAP HANA workloads running on Amazon EC2 instances. While creating a deployment with AWS Launch Wizard, you will have the option to enable backups with Backint Agent by selecting the Amazon S3 bucket where the backups will be stored and the encryption keys to use. Additionally, you can configure backups to local volumes for ad-hoc backups if needed.

AWS Launch Wizard enables customers to leverage AWS Backint Agent for single-node, multi-node, and high availability deployments of SAP HANA and NetWeaver on HANA applications. Once deployment is completed, you can back up SAP HANA databases and save the backups in Amazon S3 without having to deal with manual configurations.

To learn how to accelerate SAP deployments with AWS Launch Wizard, visit the Launch Wizard page, FAQ, and overview documentation

To learn how to back up SAP HANA databases with AWS Backint Agent, please see the AWS Backint Agent homepage. For more details, see AWS Backint Agent for SAP HANA documentation.