Posted On: Dec 1, 2020

Today, we are excited to announce additional capabilities with Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer to help you find and remediate security issues in your code before you deploy. CodeGuru Reviewer Security Detectors helps identify security risks from the top ten Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) categories (OWASP is a standard awareness document for developers and web application security), security best practices for AWS APIs, and common Java crypto libraries.

Our security detectors use machine learning and automated reasoning to analyze data flow to perform whole-program inter-procedural analysis, across classes, methods, and files to detect hard-to-find security vulnerabilities. CodeGuru Reviewer Security Detectors can help you identify four categories of the code security issues: (1) AWS API Security Best Practices helps you identify security best practices when using APIs of various AWS services, such as AWS EC2 and KMS (2) Java Crypto Library Best Practices help you check common Java cryptography libraries, such as Javax.Crypto.Cipher, to identify that they are initialized and called correctly (3) Secure Web Applications help you check web app related security issues, such as cross-site scripting, LDAP injection, and path traversal injection (4) AWS Security Best Practices bring internal security expertise, such as AWS Crypto recommendations, to your use cases.

To get started, you can go to the CodeGuru console and trigger a security analysis on your entire repository or codebase by uploading your source and build artifacts. The security recommendations are provided at no incremental cost.

Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool powered by machine learning that provides intelligent recommendations for improving code quality and identifying applications’ most expensive lines of code. Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer helps improve code quality by scanning for critical issues, identifying bugs, and recommending how to remediate them.

For more information about automating code reviews and application profiling with Amazon CodeGuru check out the AWS ML Blog. For more details on how to get started visit the documentation.