Posted On: Dec 3, 2020

Today, AWS announced that managed entitlements for AWS Marketplace is now available in AWS License Manager. Managed entitlements enable buyers to govern, track, and distribute entitlements from a software license. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can use AWS License Manager to create, configure, and track licenses for their products used on AWS and on-premises.

Buyers can now track and manage their AWS Marketplace-procured products in their AWS organization within AWS License Manager. AWS Marketplace will automatically create licenses corresponding to product subscriptions, giving buyers the account-level visibility into their AWS Marketplace-procured licenses and centralizing license tracking. Buyers can manage and distribute entitlement access to other members within their AWS organization for supported product types such as AMIs, Containers, and Machine Learning products. Buyers can manage entitlement access and distribution from the AWS License Manager Console UI and APIs.

ISVs can use managed entitlements to configure their software to create licenses that correspond to one or many entitlements. Entitlements can be represented in a limited or unlimited fashion, and can be associated with units like Count, GB Stored, and VCPUs. ISVs can configure their software to check-out and check-in licenses as they are activated. The license issuer can directly distribute the license to an AWS customer’s account ID or a token can be generated by the ISV or customer to be input directly into the ISV software on premises.

At launch, AWS Marketplace will create corresponding licenses for existing buyer subscriptions. To learn more about AWS Marketplace, please review buyer documentation.