Posted On: Dec 23, 2020

You can now use Host Resource Groups application programming interfaces (APIs) to onboard to the simplified bring your own license (BYOL) experience for software licenses, such as Windows Server and SQL Server, which require a dedicated physical server. This allows you to specify your management preferences for Dedicated Host, such as host allocation, host capacity utilization, and instance placement at the time of onboarding. You can then launch instances on EC2 Dedicated Hosts just as you would launch an Amazon EC2 instance with AWS-provided licenses. This new capability also allows you to add existing Dedicated Hosts to Host Resource Groups so that you can let AWS manage them on your behalf.

Host Resource Groups is seamlessly integrated with AWS License Manager. Once you onboard to Host Resource Groups, AWS takes care of host management, license tracking, and media management on your behalf. You can thus enjoy the flexibility and cost effectiveness of using your own licenses on Dedicated Hosts, but with the simplicity, resiliency, and elasticity of AWS.

You can use Host Resource groups through AWS Console, API, or command-line interface (CLI). Visit, the Host Resource groups user guide and API documentation to learn more.