Posted On: Dec 23, 2020

Service Workbench on AWS is a new AWS Solutions Implementation that enables IT teams to provide secure, repeatable, and federated control of access to data, tools, and compute power that researchers need. With Service Workbench on AWS, researchers no longer have to worry about configuring and managing cloud infrastructure. Instead, they can focus on achieving research missions and completing essential work in minutes, not months. Researchers can use Service Workbench on AWS to quickly and securely stand up research environments and share data with peers inside and across institutions. By automating the creation of baseline research environments, simplifying data access, and providing cost transparency, researchers and IT departments save time and achieve research reproducibility.

The solution deploys an environment with default settings, which provides the solution’s website hosted on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), made available through Amazon CloudFront. The web portal authenticates using Amazon Cognito and leverages Amazon API Gateway to invoke the solution's serverless back end (AWS Lambda functions and AWS Step Functions). To learn more about Service Workbench on AWS, see the AWS Solutions Implementation webpage.

Additional AWS Solutions Implementations are available on the AWS Solutions Implementations webpage, where customers can browse solutions by product category or industry to find AWS-vetted, automated, turnkey reference implementations that address specific business needs.