Posted On: Dec 3, 2020

AWS Marketplace now enables customers to find and buy Professional Services from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and consulting partners. Customers can choose from a selection of services such as assessment, implementation, and support for third-party software purchased in AWS Marketplace. The capability to buy software and associated services from multiple sellers in a single cloud marketplace enables customers to reduce onboarding time for each seller and simplify procurement cycles. Customers can buy services with customized pricing, payment schedules and contract terms to fit their business needs, with all software and services charges consolidated on their AWS bill. The AWS Marketplace catalog listings can be refined to show Professional Services using “Professional Services” delivery methods filter.

Sellers, including ISVs, MSPs, and consulting partners, can now use the AWS Marketplace Management Portal to create new Professional Services listings in AWS Marketplace using the self-service product creation tool in the “Products” tab. Sellers will receive an email notification when buyers who discover their listings in AWS Marketplace request the service. Sellers can then use the self-service offer creation tool in the “Offers” tab to easily extend Private Offers, which is a buyer-account targeted offer of pricing, payment schedules, contract duration, and contract terms.