Posted On: Jan 28, 2021

Today, AWS Marketplace announced support for multiple Private Marketplace catalogs, which allows customers to create unique sets of approved software available in AWS Marketplace for different AWS accounts within their organization. Before today, customers were limited to one Private Marketplace catalog per AWS account structure. This launch expands AWS Marketplace's Private Marketplace functionality to empower customers to scale their software governance for diverse user groups while increasing agility to enable a faster software procurement process.

Customers can create unique catalogs and assign them to different set of accounts, enabling distinct product catalogs per business unit or development environment. Administrators can tailor each catalog from more than 8,000 third-party software listings in AWS Marketplace for the assigned account’s use. With this launch, organizations can procure more quickly by providing administrators with the agile controls they need to scale their procurement governance across distinct business and user needs. Additionally, AWS Marketplace APIs for Private Marketplace can be used to simplify management across catalogs.

To learn more about curating multiple Private Marketplace catalogs, visit our Private Marketplace overview page.