Posted On: Mar 15, 2021

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection now supports provisioning cost monitors and alert subscriptions via AWS CloudFormation templates. You can now set up Cost Anomaly Detection via JSON or YAML commands, enabling quick, consistent, and scalable configurations across AWS accounts.

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection is a machine learning backed service that helps customers detect gradual increases and/or one-time cost spikes. The service helps customers to minimize cost surprises and enhance cost controls. The service also provides root cause analysis to save time from having to research each anomaly. To enable AWS Cost Anomaly Detection, you will need to create a cost monitor and an alert subscription. AWS CloudFormation enables customers to create and manage a set of tasks through infrastructure as code. Using AWS CloudFormation, you can now automatically create, read, edit, delete, and list cost monitors and alert subscriptions. For example, if you have an account creation CloudFormation template, you can add cost monitors and alert subscriptions into the template to enable AWS Cost Anomaly Detection with each account creation.

To get started using AWS Cost Anomaly Detection in AWS CloudFormation, refer to the AWS CloudFormation user guide. To learn more about Cost Anomaly Detection, visit the product detail page.