Posted On: Apr 30, 2021

AWS RoboMaker has released a new feature that enables developers to open a desktop session to the IDE and run graphical tools to interact with simulations. AWS RoboMaker IDE provides a cloud robotics workspace that is preconfigured with the essential tools to start building and testing robot applications without needing to provision additional hardware. This feature provides a single space for developers to get started with building and simulating robotics applications.

The developer desktop feature provides a full Ubuntu desktop through a web browser, allowing you to run your robot and simulation applications and interact with them via Gazebo, RViz and other tools directly, as though they were running them on your own desktop. Now, you can build, simulate and refine your robotics algorithms from a single cloud IDE environment, enabling fast iteration and reducing delays.

This new feature provides a single workspace for robotics development to get building, simulation AWS RoboMaker is available in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), EU (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and Asia Pacific (Singapore) regions. Learn more about AWS RoboMaker on our webpage or get started in the AWS RoboMaker console.