Posted On: May 27, 2021

AWS Glue DataBrew now supports nest and unnest transformations to help users pack or unpack data into columns to manipulate their datasets. With these transformations, users can now easily extract data from nested json string fields or combine data without writing any code.

To nest data, users can choose from a list of source columns and compact them into a struct, map or array format. To unnest data, users can unpack nested data from an array, map, struct, or string column to create new rows or columns. Users can apply unnest operations on multiple levels of input json data. Additionally, users can also extract key/value for nested string columns to create separate columns, and change existing json string columns to array or struct columns. Learn more about data structure transformations here.

AWS Glue DataBrew is a visual data preparation tool that makes it easy to clean and normalize data using 250+ pre-built transformations for data preparation, without the need to write any code.