Posted On: Jun 30, 2021

When using AWS DataSync to copy data between Amazon FSx for Windows File Server file systems and Server Message Block (SMB) shares, you can now copy object metadata describing NTFS system access control lists typically used by administrators to define the operations on files and folders that generate audit logs. With this launch, DataSync can now copy all access control entries (ACEs) for files and folders between your SMB shares and FSx for Windows File Server file systems as well as between FSx for Windows File Server file systems.

AWS DataSync enables you to transfer files to and from FSx for Windows File Server, providing you with a simple and automated way to accelerate the migration of your self-managed file systems to fully managed file systems built on Windows Server. This new capability, coupled with the existing options to copy NTFS metadata, enables you to migrate your file systems while maintaining file and folder permissions and audit settings. Migrating your audit settings with DataSync enables you to utilize file access auditing on your FSx for Windows File Server file systems, a feature that is important to regulated customers such as those in the financial services, healthcare, and life science industries. With file access auditing on FSx for Windows File Server, enterprise storage administrators and compliance auditors can meet security and compliance requirements while eliminating the need to manage storage as logs grow over time.

This new DataSync capability can be used in all regions where Amazon FSx for Windows File Server is available. Learn more by reading the DataSync User Guide and DataSync website. Sign in to the AWS DataSync console to get started.