Posted On: Jul 16, 2021

Today, AWS announced that AWS Marketplace customers can now distribute to their AWS Organizations ID using Managed entitlements in AWS License Manager. AWS Marketplace uses Managed entitlements to enable buyers to govern, track, and distribute entitlements from a centrally managed license.

Buyers can now manage access to their AWS Marketplace-procured products within AWS License Manager by distributing license entitlements to their AWS Organizations ID. With support for license distribution, activation, and de-activation to an AWS Organization ID, AWS Marketplace customers can centrally govern, manage, and share their AWS Marketplace-procured licenses to all accounts in their organization. Once a license has been granted to an Organization ID, AWS License Manager will keep track of the member accounts in the organization. Managed entitlements will ensure that accounts joining the AWS Organization will automatically receive the licenses that were previously distributed. Similarly, granted licenses via Organization ID will be revoked from accounts that are no longer part of the AWS Organization.

Managed entitlements allows AWS Marketplace buyers to more easily distribute entitlement access to their entire AWS Organization for supported product types such as AMIs, Containers, and Machine Learning products. Buyers can manage AWS Organization ID distribution from the AWS License Manager Console UI and APIs. To learn more about this feature, please refer to this documentation.