Posted On: Oct 5, 2021

Using Amazon EC2 Capacity Reservation Fleet, you can easily migrate your reserved Amazon EC2 capacity to new generation instance types. Capacity Reservations allow you to reserve capacity for your immediate use in a specific instance type and Availability Zone and can be cancelled by you at any time. With Capacity Reservation Fleet, you can reserve capacity across a prioritized list of instance types. When your reservations for lower priority instance types are unused, it will automatically convert them to capacity reservations for higher priority instance types.

For example, when Amazon EC2 launches a new instance type, you can include that new instance type as your highest-priority instance type in your Capacity Reservation Fleet configuration. As Amazon EC2 adds more capacity for the new instance type across different Availability Zones, Capacity Reservation Fleet will automatically shift your reserved capacity footprint to your preferred instance type, allowing you to maintain a single global configuration and seamlessly migrate your reservations.

Capacity Reservation Fleet is available in all public AWS regions.

To learn more about using Capacity Reservation Fleet, please visit this page.