Posted On: Oct 28, 2021

The Babelfish for PostgreSQL open source project is now available. Babelfish for PostgreSQL provides the capability for PostgreSQL to understand queries from applications written for Microsoft SQL Server. With Babelfish, applications currently running on SQL Server can now run directly on PostgreSQL with a fraction of the work required, compared to a traditional migration. Babelfish understands the SQL Server wire-protocol and T-SQL, the Microsoft SQL Server query language, so you don't have to switch database drivers or re-write all of your application queries.

Anyone can access the source code for Babelfish from the open source project page. This allows users to leverage Babelfish on their own PostgreSQL servers. Babelfish includes support for stored procedures, savepoints, static cursors, nested transactions, the variant data type and much more.

To get started, please navigate to the Babelfish open source project for additional information and obtain the source code.