Posted On: Nov 23, 2021

Amazon FinSpace now provides data management APIs that allow customers to work with data in their Amazon FinSpace environment using the AWS SDK and CLI. With these new APIs, customers can add steps to their automated workflows that manage their data resources in Amazon FinSpace. Using the new APIs, customers can create Amazon FinSpace datasets, load data using change sets, and create point-in-time views for analysis. 

For example, customers can automate loading and updating stock market trades and quotes so they are continuously available for analysis in Amazon FinSpace. From these customers can also automate the generation of historical point-in-time views from this data for backtesting.

The data management APIs are available in all AWS regions where Amazon FinSpace is offered. There is no charge to use these APIs beyond standard Amazon FinSpace usage charges. To learn more about the new APIs see the Amazon FinSpace Data API reference. To learn more about Amazon FinSpace Data API see the Amazon FinSpace API page.