Posted On: Nov 11, 2021

With today’s release, developers can use AWS Amplify DataStore’s new observeQuery API to help open apps faster using locally stored data, and then update the app UI with real-time data using no additional code. DataStore provides frontend app developers the ability to build real-time apps with offline capabilities by storing data on-device (web browser or mobile device) and automatically synchronizing data to the cloud and across devices on an internet connection. With the new observeQuery API, developers can retrieve both locally stored data and subscribe to subsequent data changes synced from the cloud with a single API call.

A low latency first-run experience for mobile and web apps is critical to a great customer experience. With Amplify DataStore, developers can retrieve local offline app data to hydrate the application user interface, reducing the latency on the customer experience. As the app comes online, subsequent changes to the app data can automatically be repopulated in the application UI, with no change in code. The new observeQuery API also saves developers the overhead of managing data availability states within their app code, helping developers write less code and better architected apps.

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