Posted On: Dec 8, 2021

Amazon DevOps Guru now supports enhanced analysis for Amazon Aurora databases, a new Machine Learning (ML) powered capability, as part of Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS.

DevOps Guru for RDS expands upon the existing capabilities of DevOps Guru to detect, diagnose, and provide remediation recommendations for a wide variety of database-related performance issues, such as resource over-utilization and misbehavior of SQL queries. When an issue occurs, DevOps Guru for RDS immediately notifies developers and DevOps engineers and provides diagnostic information, details on the extent of the problem, and intelligent recommendations to help customers quickly resolve the issue.

DevOps Guru for RDS is offered to customers at no additional charge, as part of the existing price that DevOps Guru charges for RDS resources. DevOps Guru for RDS is available for Amazon Aurora MySQL and PostgreSQL–Compatible Editions in the following AWS regions: US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), Europe (Stockholm), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo).

To get started, simply go to the Amazon RDS console and turn on Amazon RDS Performance Insights. Once Performance Insights is enabled, go the Amazon DevOps Guru console to enable DevOps Guru for your Amazon Aurora resources, other supported resources, or your entire account.

We are also introducing support for AWS tags which provides you more control over how DevOps Guru analyzes your resources. DevOps Guru supports AWS tags (key/value pairs) when created with a specific "devops-guru" prefix as part of the key. Resources that have the same tag applied will be grouped together as part of an application that DevOps Guru analyzes. DevOps Guru will then automatically collect and analyze data from these resources in this application such as metrics, logs, and events and identify behaviors that deviate from normal operating patterns. For example, if you applied a specific tag to all your Amazon Aurora DB instances, they would then be grouped together and you would be notified when DevOps Guru sees issues such as resource over-utilization and misbehavior of SQL queries. For more information about using AWS tags with DevOps Guru, please visit the topic "Working with resource tags" in DevOps Guru documentation.

Amazon DevOps Guru is an ML powered service that makes it easy to improve an application’s operational performance and availability. To learn more, visit the DevOps Guru product and documentation pages or post a question to the Amazon DevOps Guru forum.

To learn more about DevOps Guru for RDS and enhanced analysis or Aurora databases , see “Working with anomalies in DevOps Guru for RDS” in the Amazon DevOps Guru User Guide.