Posted On: Jan 18, 2022

AWS Systems Manager now enables you to send notifications or take actions in third-party tools and applications using outbound webhooks. Outbound webhooks offer a simplified way to integrate with many of the tools you use, such as Slack. Now you can invoke an outbound webhook as a step in your Automation runbook to easily integrate with the existing collaboration, monitoring, and incident response tools in your organization.

You can use Systems Manager Automation to author runbooks to execute common IT tasks, such as patching or restarting instances, at scale with rate controls. Now you can extend those runbooks to communicate with other operational tools and applications in your organization. For example, you can add a step in your runbook to notify an operations Slack channel before performing patch operations on your instances.

This feature is available at no additional charge in all AWS Regions where AWS Systems Manager is offered, except China Regions and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. For more information about Automation, visit the Systems Manager Automation documentation.