Posted On: May 10, 2022

We are excited to announce three featured FreeRTOS AWS Reference Integrations. FreeRTOS AWS Reference Integrations are pre-integrated FreeRTOS projects ported to partner-provided microcontroller-based evaluation boards that demonstrate secure end-to-end connectivity to AWS IoT Core. The three featured FreeRTOS Reference Integrations projects are developed in collaboration with our partners Espressif, NXP and STMicroelectronics. Each project uses the latest FreeRTOS and AWS Embedded C SDK Long Term Support (LTS) libraries, and the latest microcontroller architecture capabilities. Developers can customize these three projects into a complete, production-ready, IoT product.

Developers can use these reference integrations to get started on Espressif ESP32-C3, NXP i.MX RT1060, or STMicro STM32U5 evaluation boards. See more details on the functionality of these reference integrations on the FreeRTOS blog.