Posted On: Jun 14, 2022

Starting today, AWS Transfer Family customers can ignore the SETSTAT command and customize how they want to process TLS session resumption. These new features enable customers to support a broader set of clients without making any client-side changes.

AWS Transfer Family provides fully managed file transfers over SFTP, FTPS, and FTP for Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS. When uploading files, file transfer clients can issue the SETSTAT command to change attributes of remote files, however, the SETSTAT command is not compatible with object storage systems, resulting in errors when these clients upload files to Amazon S3. With this launch, customers can now configure their Transfer Family servers to ignore the SETSTAT command so files are uploaded without SETSTAT triggering any errors. Customers who want to use SETSTAT to preserve timestamp of the original file or modify other file attributes should use Amazon EFS as a backend storage with Transfer Family.

Additionally, customers using FTPS Transfer Family servers can choose whether they want to process TLS session resumption requests. TLS session resumption can help to improve security and enhance performance by allowing clients to reuse recently negotiated TLS connections. However, some clients do not support TLS session resumption, and as a result, cannot establish connections to FTPS servers that enforce it. Now, customers have the option to enable, disable, or enforce TLS session resumption on their FTPS servers, helping customers expand client compatibility options.

Support for these features is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Transfer Family is available. To learn more about these features, read the documentation.