Posted On: Jun 21, 2022

AWS Well-Architected Tool now allows customers to preview custom lens content before publishing, add additional URLs to helpful resources and improvement plans, and use tags to assign metadata to their custom lenses.

AWS Well-Architected Tool is designed to help you review the state of your applications and workloads, and it provides a central place for architectural best practices and guidance. Customers who use the AWS Well-Architected Tool often have internal best practices they follow, and custom lenses provide the ability to create content based on their internal best practices. With a custom lens, customers can create their own pillars, questions, best practices, helpful resources, and improvement plans. Customers can then share them across their entire organization to measure workloads consistently, specify rules to determine which options result in high or medium risk, and provide guidance on how to resolve those risks.

To help lens authors validate their lenses, they can now preview their custom lens content before publishing. To allow authors to provide more resource information for best practices, they can now add additional URLs to helpful resources and improvement plans within a custom lens. Additionally, customers can now use AWS tags to assign metadata to a custom lens. With custom lenses, AWS Well-Architected Tool becomes a single place for customers to review and measure best practices while performing associated operational reviews for all technology across their organization.

These updates are available to customers and AWS Partners at no additional charge in the AWS Management Console and are offered in all Regions where the AWS Well-Architected Tool is available. To learn more about AWS Well-Architected Tool and custom lenses, visit the Documentation and Product Page. To engage with an AWS Well-Architected Partner, visit the AWS Partner Solution Finder.