Posted On: Oct 7, 2022

Amazon CloudWatch Logs customers can now run up to 20 concurrent Log Insights queries for their analytic needs. By increasing the number of concurrent queries from 10 to 20, customers can create dashboards with a higher number of Log Insight queries. Additionally, multiple users within the same account can, in the aggregate, execute up to 20 queries at the same time.  

Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights is a fully integrated, interactive, pay-as-you-go log analytics service for CloudWatch. Logs Insights enables you to explore, analyze, and visualize your logs, allowing you to troubleshoot operational problems with ease. Log Insights supports queries with aggregations, filters, and regular expressions for analyzing your logs. With this launch, Log Insights now supports higher query concurrency to enable customers to get more value from their Log Insights queries.

With a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, you can start using CloudWatch Logs Insights to query logs sent to CloudWatch. Alternatively, you can use CloudWatch Logs Insights API for query execution. You can learn more about CloudWatch Logs Insights pricing here. To get started, visit our Getting Started guide.