Posted On: Oct 3, 2022

AWS is excited to announce the launch of a new hands-on course on Coursera for business analysts - “Practical Decision Making using No-Code ML on AWS," featuring Amazon SageMaker Canvas.

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is experienced everywhere, be it personalized recommendations while shopping online, suggestions to watch your favorite TV show, or predicting future demand for retail sales. To understand AI and related topics such as machine learning (ML) better, we’ve designed a new course on Coursera that will teach you the fundamentals of AI/ML, how to extract value from AI/ML, and make better business decisions. The course uses real-life examples and provides practical hands-on exercises to address business challenges using Amazon SageMaker Canvas, a visual, no-code ML tool.

No-code ML is becoming popular especially with companies looking to democratize machine learning through the enterprise. This 5-hour course is designed to help non-ML experts such as business analysts explore their data better and shape the data into the right format to address business problems, build and evaluate a machine learning model without writing code, generate predictions, and make practical business decisions.

Enroll now to demystify AI/ML and solve real-life business problems.