Posted On: Nov 30, 2022

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is incredibly excited to announce the new Amazon MSK Service Delivery specialization for AWS partners that help customers migrate and build real-time streaming analytics solutions with fully managed Apache Kafka. Amazon MSK provisions your servers, configures your Apache Kafka clusters, replaces servers when they fail, orchestrates server patches and upgrades, architects clusters for high availability, ensures data is durably stored and secured, sets up monitoring and alarms, and runs scaling to support load changes. With MSK Serverless, getting started with Apache Kafka is even easier. It automatically provisions and scales compute and storage resources and offers throughput-based pricing, so you can use Apache Kafka on demand and pay for the data you stream and retain.

The Amazon MSK Service Delivery specialization provides customers with a vetted list of AWS Partners with proven success in delivering Amazon MSK Service solutions. With Amazon MSK Delivery Partners, customers can migrate and build data streaming solutions on Amazon MSK with confidence and realize cost benefits. Learn more on the Amazon MSK Service Delivery Partners page.