Posted On: Nov 16, 2022

AWS Proton introduces the Proton dashboard, a centralized view of all Proton resources deployed and managed by AWS Proton. Platform engineers use Proton to define their environment and service infrastructure in AWS - now through the Proton dashboard they can monitor which of their templates are in use and the up-to-date status of their environments and services.

AWS Proton is a managed service for platform engineers to increase the pace of innovation at their organization by defining, vending, and maintaining infrastructure templates for self-service deployments. With Proton, customers can standardize centralized templates to meet security, cost, and compliance goals. Proton helps platform engineers scale up their impact with a self-service model, resulting in higher velocity for the development and deployment process throughout an application lifecycle.

Now with the Proton dashboard, it is easier for users to see the number of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates registered with Proton, the Proton resources that have been created from those templates, and the version of templates used for deployments. Platform engineers can quickly see what mix of their resources are using the latest recommended template versions, and use sorting and filtering to identify the most recent deployment events and deployment failures. Proton users can see their dashboard by navigating to the Proton service page in the AWS Management Console, where the dashboard is visible for users in all Regions where Proton is available.

To learn more about the Proton dashboard, check out our launch blog and documentation.