Posted On: Jun 20, 2023

Amazon Corretto nightly builds are now available at for Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. Developers can now test the latest OpenJDK community code and bug fixes without waiting for the next quarterly release.

Binaries for Corretto 8, 11, 17, and the latest Feature Release, Corretto 20, are being built combining the latest stable and development code from the next release of the OpenJDK projects. Early Access builds of upcoming releases will also be available prior to GA. Release and fast-debug builds, which contain assertions on JVM state and correctness, are available. In addition, we will be sharing early builds of experimental projects in binary form, for evaluation, validation and testing. For example, right now we have the Generational Shenandoah and Lilliput projects backported to Corretto 17. The Generational Shenandoah Garbage Collector adds generational collection capabilities and aims to eventually reduce GC pauses below 1 ms for large-heap, high-throughput applications. The Lilliput project reduces the size of Java Object headers from 96 bytes down to 64 bytes, with a future goal of 32 bytes, which will reduce memory pressure and can result in fewer/shorter GC pauses. Along with the Corretto binaries, corresponding functional and integration test results are available so that anyone can see what fixes and issues are still present in the build.

Nightly Builds are for evaluation only and should not be relied on for production use. Feedback is welcomed!