Posted On: Jul 25, 2023

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduces support for Network Load Balancers (NLBs) as a supported resource type in Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor. You can now use Internet Monitor to get visibility about internet performance and availability for user traffic directed to specific NLBs. Internet Monitor also supports monitoring Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), Amazon CloudFront distributions, and Amazon WorkSpaces directories.

With Internet Monitor, you can quickly visualize the impact of issues, identify affected locations and network providers (ASNs), and learn about taking action to improve your end users' network experience. The dashboard in the AWS Management Console provides a comprehensive global view of your application's traffic patterns and health events. You can also view and dive deep into detailed information about events in different locations. If an issue is caused by the AWS network, you receive a notification from the AWS Health Dashboard, outlining the steps AWS that is taking to mitigate the problem.

Internet Monitor publishes measurements to Amazon CloudWatch Metrics and Amazon CloudWatch Logs for the locations and ASNs specific to your application. You can also set up health event notifications through Amazon EventBridge. 

For more information about setting up and using Internet Monitor, read about getting started and exploring with the dashboard in the user guide. For details about Regional support, see Supported AWS Regions.