Posted On: Jul 25, 2023

Amazon SageMaker Canvas now supports sharing machine learning (ML) models with Amazon QuickSight, enabling analysts to build models in Canvas and generate predictions to build dashboards in QuickSight. This extends the ML/Analytics integrated solution between Canvas and QuickSight for analysts to build models, generate predictions, enrich them with interactive dashboards, and use insights for effective business decisions, without writing a single line of code. 

With this solution, you can build ML models in Canvas and leverage them in QuickSight to generate predictions. Additionally, the schema file for the ML model consisting of all the input and output data attributes is automatically created when you share the model from Canvas. The schema file is used to generate highly accurate predictions for new data in QuickSight. With this feature, ML becomes more accessible and valuable to business teams and accelerate data-driven decisions.

This new capability is available in all AWS regions where Amazon SageMaker Canvas is available today. To learn more, see the product documentation.